The Advent of Excellence

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stay odd my friends

Arrogance/Truth: I am amazing. I may not be traditional in any regard, but my unorthodox existence is what makes me amazing.

I may not be skinny, but I can move like a fucking ninja.

I may not be the best at talking to people, but the words I speak have a great impact.

I may not be very assertive, but my resolve and my inability to quit is my greatest strength.

I may have some mental quirks, but all of the greatest minds in the world have them.

People may shun the freaks and the geeks, but the world's greatest are oddballs.

Everyone can sit there and fawn for their Brad Pitts and Angelina Jo Lee's.

But that nerd with the funny accent and the goofy haircut will shake the world

People, it's time to leave the average and rise up to the exceptional. No need to conform to society's pitifully lacking standard's of excellence.

Nowadays, a woman only need to look attractive to be considered excellent. Cleopatra was beautiful, considered one of the most beautiful, but she didn't stop there. She parleyed with the most powerful men of her time as a woman. Her being hot is nothing compared to her excellence.

To cut it short. People, stop being impressed by mediocrity. Being hot is mediocre, especially when anyone with enough money can have it. Excellence cannot be brought.
It must be earned. To rise beyond the society's standards and set new ones.

It will be the nerd and not the jock or the homecoming queen that will bring forth the Advent of Excellence. Stay odd my friends.

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